We shut down startups.
You get to move on.

Sunset handles all the legal, tax, and operational burdens when winding-down a startup. Avoid penalties, reduce liabilities, and immediately move onto what's next.
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Most companies fail.

And that's okay.

Entrepreneurship is a game where failure is the defining feature. Without it, the game isn't worth playing.

But why does it take 10 minutes to incorporate and 10 months to shutdown?

This isn't okay.

We want to make it easy for you to press restart and try again.

Let us do the dirty work while you focus on tomorrow...

How we work

We've used our proven process to successfully wind-down over 75+ venture-backed startups.

Step 1

We understand your business

By integrating with the tools you use, we achieve a deep understanding of your business without spending months bugging you for docs.

Step 2

Create your all-in-one plan

Our team of legal and tax professionals create a custom Plan of dissolution, tailored to your business's needs. This includes every step of the process, from beginning to end.

Step 3

We shut it down. You move on.

Sunset manages and executes the entire wind down process on your behalf. Giving you the time and space to move onto what's next.

"I wish we had used Sunset. When we decided to shut down our startup, I assumed it would be a 2 week process with 10 simple steps. It's now been 8 months trudging through countless, confusing tasks. Sunset's all-in-one offering would have saved me 100+ hours and let me move on with my life."

Bhairav Mehta, CEO of Buzzle AI
YC S21

We handle everything

for you in the wind down

Tax & Accounting Compliance

Our team of Tax professionals prepare and file your final state and federal tax returns. We take ownership of making sure deadlines are met and nothing falls through the cracks.

Legal Prep & Filings

When you work with Sunset, you're directly engaging with legal counsel. Get peace-of-mind knowing everything is created, reviewed, and protected by legal counsel.

State Withdrawals

Sunset will withdraw your business from all 50 states, including from the Department of Revenue, Labor, Secretary of State, and your Registered Agents.

Vendor Negotiations

Have an annual contract or debt obligation you need sorted? Our team will support the negotiations with your vendors to maximize funds to redistribute.

Liquidations and Asset Sales or Auctions

At Sunset, we help liquidate or auction your non-cash assets to our network of qualified buyers. Whether it's IP, domains, office equipment, and everything in between, we've got you covered.

Capital Redistributions

Sunset creates your waterfall of redistributions based on your investment agreements, reaches out to your investors, gathers wiring details, and distributes funds accordingly. All so you don't have to.


We integrate with all major HRIS, banking, and accounting systems - making sure we have a holistic view of your company's operations.

What our customers have said

The Sunset team is extremely competent and comprehensive when it comes to winding down. I've heard countless horror stories from founders, and I felt their team was quick, responsive, and consistently went above and beyond.

Christopher T.
Founder and CEO - Funeral Planning Platform

Sunset is the best vendor I've ever worked with to support me in dealing with bureaucratic processes and government nonsense.

Nic L.
Founder and CEO - Restaurant Platform

I would have jumped off a bridge without Sunset! (feel free to use this as a dramatic testimonial)

Madeleine N.
Founder and CEO - Talent Hiring Platform

I wanted to be as hands-off as possible so I needed a trusted partner. The team at Sunset did an amazing job of making me feel confident. Everyone I interacted with was extremely professional, polished, and responsive. I recommend Sunset to every founder I talk to who is looking for help.

Kara S.
Founder and CEO - Virtual Therapy Platform

Experience the

Sunset difference

Law Firm
Accounting Firm
Generate Complete Plan of Dissolution
Board & Stockholder Consents
File Certificate of Dissolution
Waterfall Creation
IRS Form 966 Filing & Closure
Final State & Federal Tax Prep & Filings
Franchise Tax Filings
Withdrawals from all 50 States
Payroll & Unemployment Assistance
Redistribution of Capital & Escrow
Investor Notice Creation & Comms
Asset/IP Assignment or Auction
Vendor Negotiations
Debt Payoffs & Release of Claims
Distressed Asset Marketplace
Liquidation of Non-Cash Assets
Document Storage
Dedicated Account Manager
Subscription Cancellations

Frequently asked questions

How much does Sunset cost?


All of our plans are one-time, flat fees. Our fees are inclusive of legal fees, tax preparation and filings for both state and federal returns, Delaware franchise taxes, and expedited filing fees for all state withdrawals. Our pricing varies based on several factors such as number of registered states, investment vehicles used, outstanding debt obligations, industries, and more. Our team talks to each client individually to understand their needs and only charge for what's needed.

How long does a dissolution typically take?


Our team is able to complete most wind-downs within 4-8 weeks (roughly 3-6 months faster than the traditional or DIY route). However, our team will move at the pace you are most comfortable with.

Am I working with lawyers and tax professionals?


When you work with Sunset, you're working with legal counsel and tax professionals (former IRS auditors). This ensures that the process is handled properly and that you are fully protected as a founder, director, and/or shareholder of the company.

Get peace of mind

when winding down

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