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May 6, 2024

The Painkiller for Startup Closures

Hi, we’re Grant & Brendan, co-founders of Sunset, where we help companies shut down. Why are we doing this? Well, we’ve done this before.

Shutting down our companies wrecked us

Brendan went through Y Combinator in 2018. Grant started his first company in 2018.

We had visions of running trillion-dollar startups while surfing into the sunset with Zuck.

Over 4 years, Grant had built 1 startup - Brendan had built 2. Brendan sold one but they both had to shut down the other.

After finally calling it quits, we were burnt out and wanted a clean break. Instead, what we got was a metric ton of the world’s worst chores. Another email to our lawyers, doc to sign, government to pay, service to cancel, asset to liquidate, tax form to file.

All we wanted was closure…

In the end, the dissolution process took over 6 months of our lives to complete.

We've sat with this pain and frustration for a while. At one of the lowest points in our lives, this dissolution process kept knocking us down further.

That's why we started this business — we want to help founders in the same position we were in. We want to give founders freedom from the nagging, gnawing, and relentless stress of dissolving a company.

We want to give founders the freedom to move on with their lives.

We’re still in the early days, but we’re grateful to already have helped tens of customers, partnering with VCs, accelerators, and angels, and are always looking for more ways to help the founder community.

Any founder looking for guidance, VC looking to partner, or anyone else who’s interested in this space, feel free to reach out.