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How to Wind Down a Venture Backed Startup

There’s a lot more to winding down a startup than meets the eye. From withdrawing from foreign qualified states, to selling or assigning intellectual property, filing final federal and state tax returns, canceling vendor/lease agreements, and so much more - there’s substantial infrastructure and know-how needed to compliantly and efficiently run a dissolution. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk through an example Delaware C-Corp startup that's venture-backed and all the steps they should take in order to properly wind-down. Here's what you'll learn:

  • When and who: We talk about when to start thinking about winding down your startup and who your first calls should be.
  • Your available options: Based on your current corporate structure and financial position, we lay out a few available paths for startups to take.
  • Crafting a Plan: We go through how to craft an optimal plan to efficiently shut down, making sure no steps are missed.
  • Communication: Learn how to best communicate with your investors, customers, and employees when shutting down.
  • Corporate Management: We walkthrough all the steps involved - from federal and state taxes to foreign qualification withdrawals.
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