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March 6, 2023
June 14, 2024

Alerzo Layoffs: What Happened & Why?

In March 2023, retail-focused startup Alerzo made headlines by laying off 400 employees, reducing its business footprint and closing 14 warehouses across the country. This followed previous layoffs in 2022, attributed to increased digitization and changes in warehouse operations. In this article, we'll discuss the reasons behind these layoffs, the impact on the company and its employees, and what the future may hold for Alerzo.

Why did Alerzo have layoffs?

Alerzo's decision to lay off 400 employees was driven by a combination of economic pressures, shifts in industry demands, and internal restructurings. Company statements attributed the layoffs to difficult macroeconomic conditions, post-election uncertainties, and a need to improve unit economics. Industry analysts also suggested that these layoffs reflect broader industry trends, as businesses adapt to increased digitization and changes in warehouse operations.

Employees affected by the layoffs were offered severance packages, which included one month's salary and active HMO packages until the end of the year. However, some sources indicated that the severance package was considered unimpressive by employees. This situation highlights the challenges faced by startups like Alerzo as they navigate the ever-changing business landscape and strive to balance growth with employee satisfaction.

Financial Impact and Future Directions

While it's clear that Alerzo's recent layoffs are part of broader cost-cutting measures to enhance financial health and profitability, the specifics of financial outcomes remain part of a larger strategy. These layoffs are part of Alerzo’s restructuring efforts aimed at refining operational efficiency and financial stability. In response to these changes, Alerzo is sharpening its focus on its payments business, launching three new products, and optimizing unit economics. These strategic shifts indicate a robust plan to secure long-term financial health and success.

Impact on Industry

The recent structural adjustments at Alerzo, including layoffs, warehouse closures, and a scaled-down business footprint, are likely to influence the retail industry. These changes may alter the availability and accessibility of their services for retail stores, potentially reshaping service dynamics in the industry. As Alerzo continues to adapt to economic pressures and refocus its business strategies, the company's influence on the retail sector's future is poised to evolve.


Alerzo's layoffs were driven by economic pressures, industry shifts, and internal restructuring, resulting in 400 employees losing their jobs and 14 warehouse closures. The company now focuses on its payments business and improving unit economics, potentially impacting the retail industry's service availability. These developments may signal broader market changes as businesses adapt to increased digitization. Alerzo's future actions could further reshape the retail landscape, depending on their success in navigating these challenges.