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May 3, 2023
June 10, 2024

Cars24 Layoffs: What Happened & Why?

In May 2022, SoftBank-backed used car platform Cars24 laid off 600 employees, raising concerns about the company's financial stability. Despite the growing used car market in India, Cars24 and its competitors have struggled to achieve profitability. In this article, we'll discuss the reasons behind the layoffs, the company's explanation, and the potential future impact on Cars24's business.

Why did Cars24 have layoffs?

According to Cars24, the layoffs were "performance linked exits" that occur annually, rather than being a result of cost-cutting measures. Despite the job cuts, the company maintains that its business is growing in India, the Middle East, Australia, and Southeast Asia. Cars24 recently closed a $400 million funding round and has plans to enhance its technology and build a gold standard for quality used cars globally. CEO Vikram Chopra expressed confidence in the company's future plans and infrastructure.

While the used car market in India is expanding due to economic conditions and production issues at carmakers, Cars24 and its competitors, such as Spinny and CarDekho, have not yet achieved profitability. Losses for these companies range from Rs 110-340 crore. It's worth noting that Cars24 had previously laid off 300 employees in 2019 as part of downsizing its consumer financing efforts.

Financial Impact and Future Directions

Cars24 is strategically enhancing its technological infrastructure and expanding its geographical footprint. By establishing 'Mega Refurbishment Labs' and securing significant funding, the company is poised to elevate the quality standards within the global used car market.

This focus on technological advancement and expansion into key markets like India, the Middle East, Australia, and Southeast Asia demonstrates Cars24's commitment to growth and its readiness to capitalize on emerging opportunities in these regions, positioning it for long-term success in a competitive industry.

Impact on Industry

The future impact of Cars24 on the transportation industry remains uncertain, as the company continues to grow in various markets despite not yet achieving profitability. The recent layoffs, described as performance-linked exits, may be a common trend among startups in different sectors due to a tepid funding environment. However, the specific effects of Cars24's layoffs on the transportation industry are not clear.


Cars24 laid off 600 employees, citing performance-linked exits, amid struggles to achieve profitability in the growing used car market. Despite the layoffs, the company secured $400 million in funding and plans to enhance technology and expand globally. The impact on the transportation industry is uncertain, but these developments could signal a trend among startups facing funding challenges. Cars24's future actions may focus on improving efficiency and market presence to overcome profitability hurdles.