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July 3, 2022
June 10, 2024

Gorillas Layoffs: What Happened & Why?

In July 2022, Gorillas, the first operator of "quick commerce" and "dark stores," announced the layoff of 540 employees at their Italian headquarters. The company decided to focus on more profitable markets, leaving Italy behind. In this article, we'll discuss what happened, why it happened, and the potential future impact of these layoffs on the industry.

Why did Gorillas have layoffs?

While specific reasons for Gorillas' layoffs in Italy are not explicitly mentioned in the available sources, it is clear that the company has decided to focus on more profitable and promising markets. This decision could be attributed to economic pressures and shifts in industry demands, as digital retail companies face challenges in achieving profitable results. Retailers are increasingly embracing omnichannel strategies, emphasizing the need for positive financial outcomes.

Unfortunately, insights from industry analysts, statements from company executives, and information about severance packages are not available in the provided sources. However, it is important to consider the broader industry and economic trends when analyzing Gorillas' decision to leave the Italian market and lay off 540 employees. This move may be indicative of the challenges faced by companies in the rapidly evolving digital retail landscape.

Financial Impact and Future Directions

Gorillas has initiated a strategic downsizing, laying off a segment of its workforce to streamline operations and adapt to market demands. This move is part of a broader trend within the industry where companies are reassessing their operational strategies to enhance efficiency and maintain competitiveness.

These layoffs indicate a shift towards optimizing resource allocation and focusing on core business strengths. Gorillas aims to fortify its market position and ensure long-term sustainability through these operational adjustments.

Impact on Industry

The future impact of Gorillas on the food industry and the effects of their layoffs on the industry remain uncertain. As the company shifts its focus to more profitable markets, it may lead to increased competition and innovation in those areas. However, the layoffs in Italy could also signal challenges faced by digital retail companies in achieving profitability, potentially affecting the growth and expansion of similar businesses in the food industry.


Gorillas' decision to lay off 540 employees in Italy and focus on more profitable markets highlights the challenges faced by digital retail companies in achieving profitability. The move may lead to increased competition and innovation in targeted markets, while also signaling potential difficulties for similar businesses in the food industry. The company's future actions and standing in the industry could be influenced by these developments, possibly impacting the broader market or sector.