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October 4, 2023
June 10, 2024

Qualtrics Layoffs: What Happened & Why?

In October 2023, experience-management software company Qualtrics made the tough decision to lay off 780 employees, approximately 14% of its workforce. This move aimed to address the internal complexity that arose from rapid hiring and growth. In this article, we'll discuss the reasons behind these layoffs, the company's standing in the industry, and the potential future impact of this decision on Qualtrics and its stakeholders.

Why did Qualtrics have layoffs?

Qualtrics' decision to lay off 780 employees was driven by the need to address internal complexity arising from rapid hiring and growth. CEO Zig Serafin explained that the organizational structures, work processes, and decision-making methods used in the past no longer align with the company's current and future goals. As a result, Qualtrics is implementing internal restructurings and changes to improve collaboration, time to market, and the ease of doing business with customers and partners. The layoffs at Qualtrics are part of a broader industry trend, with hundreds of tech companies laying off staff in recent years due to economic pressures and shifts in industry demands.

Industry analysts suggest that the layoffs at Qualtrics reflect the challenges faced by many companies in the tech industry, which has experienced a downturn after a software boom driven by the pandemic. In terms of severance packages, Qualtrics offered a minimum of 10 weeks of severance pay for U.S. employees, depending on tenure and level, in addition to other benefits and career services.

Financial Impact and Future Directions

Qualtrics has recently implemented a restructuring initiative, involving the reduction of its workforce. This move aims to simplify the company's organizational structure, addressing complexities that have emerged from rapid expansion and past hiring practices.

By streamlining operations and optimizing internal processes, Qualtrics intends to enhance collaboration and accelerate product development, thus improving interactions with customers and partners. This strategic realignment is designed to bolster the company's agility and innovation capabilities, positioning Qualtrics for sustained success in a competitive market

Impact on Industry

The future impact of Qualtrics' layoffs on the broader industry remains uncertain. However, it highlights the challenges faced by tech companies in maintaining sustainable growth and adapting to changing market demands. As Qualtrics simplifies its organizational structure and streamlines operations, other companies in the industry may follow suit, focusing on efficiency and profitability. The layoffs could also lead to increased competition for talent, as skilled professionals seek new opportunities within the tech sector.


Qualtrics laid off 780 employees to address internal complexity and streamline operations, reflecting challenges faced by tech companies in maintaining sustainable growth. The company aims to improve collaboration, innovation, and customer interactions, potentially influencing the broader market to focus on efficiency and profitability. These developments may lead to increased competition for talent and further restructuring in the industry, as companies adapt to changing market demands and seek improved performance.