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July 11, 2023
June 14, 2024

WayCool Layoffs: What Happened & Why?

In July 2023, agritech startup Waycool, which has raised over $350 million in funding, announced plans to lay off around 300 employees as part of a restructuring aimed at achieving profitability by December. In this article, we'll discuss the reasons behind the layoffs, the company's standing in the industry, and the potential future impact of these changes.

Why did WayCool have layoffs?

Waycool's decision to lay off 300 employees is a critical component of their restructuring plan, which is designed to steer the company towards profitability by December. This strategy includes not only reducing workforce but also shutting down several distribution centers and discontinuing some experimental projects. These measures reflect a strategic realignment rather than direct responses to economic pressures or shifts in industry demands.

Co-founder and MD Karthikeyan Jayaraman communicated this new direction in a video to employees, emphasizing the company’s commitment to streamlined operations and profitability. The specifics of these strategic decisions, including the impact on the broader industry or economic trends, remain focused on Waycool's internal goals.

Financial Impact and Future Directions

Waycool's restructuring, including the layoffs and operational consolidations, is intended to reduce operational costs and focus on the most profitable aspects of their business. This strategic pivot aims to solidify Waycool’s financial health and ensure its sustainability and growth.

The changes involve a shift in operational focus, closing less profitable distribution centers and ceasing some projects to concentrate on core areas of food development and distribution, especially those that enhance connections with farmers and strengthen consumer brands. These steps are designed to position Waycool for sustainable, long-term success.

Impact on Industry

The restructuring of Waycool is likely to create a more focused approach on leveraging technology in food distribution and development. While the exact market effects are complex to quantify, Waycool’s strategy to refine operations and pursue profitability might set a trend that could influence other agritech startups to reconsider their business models, potentially reshaping the industry’s future landscape.


Waycool's layoffs and restructuring aim to achieve profitability by December, with a focus on core businesses and closing distribution centers and experimental projects. This could lead to a more streamlined approach in food development and distribution, potentially influencing other agritech startups. These developments may prompt Waycool to further refine their strategies and operations for long-term success.