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Tel Aviv
February 15, 2023
June 14, 2024

Wix Layoffs: What Happened & Why?

In February 2023, Wix, an Israeli-founded website building company, laid off 370 employees in a second round of layoffs within six months, primarily affecting the customer care department. This accounted for over 6% of their workforce. In this article, we'll discuss what happened, why it occurred, and the potential future impact of these layoffs on the company.

Why did Wix have layoffs?

The recent layoffs at Wix appear to stem from several strategic and operational shifts within the company. Influenced by the activist fund Starboard, Wix has also made notable changes, such as closing its subsidiary, Wix Answers, in June—a move indicative of internal restructuring. These adjustments are part of the company’s efforts to refine its focus, particularly in areas like customer care.

These developments suggest a reevaluation of company strategies to better align with current business objectives.

Financial Impact and Future Directions

The layoffs at Wix are part of a broader strategy to streamline operations and enhance financial efficiency. While the financial outcomes of these changes are part of ongoing business adjustments, they are likely aimed at strengthening the company's market position and financial health over the long term.

The company's post-layoff strategy may include a sharper focus on key products and markets, which is anticipated to support Wix’s growth and stability moving forward.

Impact on Industry

The layoffs at Wix could potentially influence the marketing industry by prompting shifts in the company's strategic focus and product alignments. These changes may lead to new industry dynamics and affect how marketing services are offered. While the precise future impact is challenging to gauge, Wix's restructuring could drive significant transformations within the marketing landscape.


Wix's layoffs, affecting over 6% of their workforce, were likely influenced by operational difficulties, activist fund Starboard, and internal restructuring. The company's future and industry standing may be impacted by potential strategic shifts in focus and product offerings. These developments could have broader implications for the market or sector, and the layoffs might serve as a catalyst for Wix to explore new directions and opportunities in the future.